Sunday, June 05, 2016

NS 012 - Levon Vincent (Novel Sound)

Title: NS 012
Artist: Levon Vincent
Label: Novel Sound
Cat Number: NS 012
Genre: Techno

A1: Track 1
A2: Track 2
B1: Track 3
B2: Track 4

A new Levon Vincent record is always an excuse to buy on sight, and quickly too. NS 012 is typical of his output, which does seem to be hardening of late. The unnamed tracks are each characterized by Vincent’s crisp production, where sounds are layered and distinct. ‘Track 2’ is the most voodoo, laying down the beat with typical dubby tribal aplomb. ‘Track 3’ resembles a scooped-out version of ‘Track 1’, contrasting the latter’s clarity with density. ‘Track 4’ meanwhile, is a voluminous tub thumper. All in all, some deft functional delirium here.  

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