Thursday, June 30, 2016

Drum Vortex - Mor Elian (Hypercolour)

Title: Drum Vortex
Artist: Mor Elian
Label: Hypercolour
Cat Number: HYPE053
Genre: Techno

A1: Drum Vortex
A2: Drum Vortex (Joey Anderson Remix)
B1: Drum Vortex (Markus Suckut Remix)
B2: Basma

It is what it is. A bounding, loping percussive bouncer in its original form with some dubby accoutrements and crepuscular keys discordantly piped in. Markus Suckut takes things down a tadge, but not enough so that the track loses its sense of self. It’s left to Joey Anderson to do that with a version which feels reductive but contains multitudes. ‘Basma’ takes its cues from the original, but feels like its shadow, albeit one emphasizing different facets. A finely-textured and subtle release.

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