Monday, June 06, 2016

More Moisture

For the skip

The review of Levon Vincent’s latest release was one I felt I had to write, given that this record arrived in the midst of the total chaos caused by our house flooding. I’ve managed to salvage a reasonable amount, but estimate that I’ve lost something in the region of 1,300 bits, around 25% OF MY COLLECTION. The funny thing about NS 012 was that its delivery was like the proverbial metaphorical slap in the chops. Here to remind me that life goes on and that even though my vinyl consumption has been much reduced, it will continue because to shut it down would also be to deal myself a mortal blow.


Things have moved on a little since last week. I’ve divided what is damaged into two stacks: those still worth saving and those too sodden to be salvaged. Having said that, even those which have been given a second chance have been considerably devalued. Everything was in excellent condition before this catastrophe, and I was going to sell a considerable amount on Discogs, once everything had been catalogued. I was also going to ask for good prices, based on a calculation of average sales value, what I paid plus what the copies in the best condition are going for. Also, not in a hurry to sell I would have been able to hold out for decent prices. I’m not a shark though, and wouldn’t be ripping anyone off. Indeed, I would probably have undercut a lot of the most expensive prices of the most sought-after items. So, all in all, I consider myself to have lost quite a bit. I did find ‘Renormalon’ unharmed though.

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