Wednesday, May 26, 2010

These Are The Last Ones . . .Already

Well, not really, but I've really bitten off more than I can chew. I simply can't keep up with supply. I'm devoting far too much time to this so, unless any of you lot are going to start paying me, forget it.

Meanwhile . . .

Title: In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno
Artist: LetKolben
Label: Darek
Cat Number: DRK008
Genre: House

In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno (original)
In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno (Steven Beyer remix)
In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno (Franco Bianco remix)
In Bianco e Nero Arcobaleno (Mike Wall remix)
Lay Your Hands On Me Again Or History Of The Old Accordion
Hallo, Mein Liebes Fraulein

An interesting and varied release with the Mike Wall remix being my favourite. Dense and claustraphobic.

Title: Breakout EP
Artist: Hypertic
Label: FVF
Cat Number: FVF016
Genre: Techno

Alkatraz (Reagen remix)

Good, solid heads-down dancefloor tackle with its fair share of quirkiness. Like everything on here but the Reagen remix of 'Alkatraz' has that little bit more drive.

Title: Love To Me
Artist: Hakan Lidbo Feat Yota
Label: Enjoy Music
Cat Number: ENJ023
Genre: House

Love To Me (original)
Love To Me (club mix)
Love To Me (dub mix)
Love To Me (radio edit)

It seems like Hakan Lidbo has been around for ages, and he has. He knows his stuff so this is as polished a piece of production as they come. Nothing to ejaculate about though. I like the vocal but it's all a little bit predictable and cocktail barish. Harmless house.

Title: Soma Coma 4
Artist: Various
Label: Soma
Cat Number: Soma CD84
Genre: Downbeat, Ambient

Alex Smoke – Paradolia Intro
Pablo – Journey’s End
The Black Dog – Digital Poacher
Vector Lovers – Neon Sky Rain
Silicone Soul – 3am (Ghost Mood Mix)
Slam – B Movie
The Black Dog – Kissing Someone Else’s D.O.G.
Funk D’Void – Sketch of Spain
Let’s Go Outside – Worship
Vector Lovers – Long Wave
Pablo – Music Maestro (Instrumental)
Silicone Soul – Dub 4 Toots
Alex Smoke- OK (Jay Haze’s Trippin’ the P-Bar Dub)
Slam – Memoir
Funk D’Void – Odessa
The Black Dog – Riphead v9
Let’s Go Outside – You In My Life
Alex Smoke – Nuance
Vector Lovers – Hush Now
Pablo – The Cuatro Track

A very good collection and concept. Difficult to prefer one over the other. There's always room for more interesting ambient collections and this works quite well. Stand outs for me are Funk d'Void's 'Odessa', Silicone Soul's '3am (Ghost Mood mix)' Slam's 'Memoir' and Alex Smoke's 'Paradolia' and everything by The Black Dog.

Title: Upper EP
Artist: Groovik
Label: Freaky Vibes
Cat Number: FVB001
Genre: House


Both of these tracks use some nice sounds, which would have been better employed trying to build a more consistent vibe. Instead the tracks do sprawl a bit and occasionally sound a bit disorganised. Not bad though. There is potential.

Title: Bateke EP
Artist: Bastard Boys
Label: Smiley Fingers
Cat Number: SFN011
Genre: House


Apparently inspired by an African trip that took in Rwanda, Uganda and The Congo, this isn't bad at all. What lifts it above the average is its feeling of tropical density and relatively cliche-free ethnic chanting. 'Ubangi' does fall pray to the use of the"rushing" sound though, which seems to be ubiquitous these days. 'Kiteke' is my pick.

Title: Minimum Spektrum X Of Pop
Artist: Hammerschmidt & Lentz
Label: Religio . Audio
Cat Number: religio.audio014
Genre: House

Minimum Spektrum X Of Pop
If (Ifo eq , , x")
Nora X Don't Dance

Pretty uninspiring release. Particularly the title track. Flaccid and limp.

Title: Spiritual Suffering EP
Artist: Debunkt
Label: Lobe Records
Cat Number: LR0004
Genre: Overbearing Epilepsia

Super Massive Black Hole (Version 1)
Ritalin Kid (Version 1)
Spiritual Suffering (Version 1)
Super Massive Black Hole (Version 2)
Ritalin Kid (Version 2)

Not really my cup of tea. Sorry. This is a bad issue of Mixmag made sound. I have nightmarish visions of dayglo "kids" doing silly dances when I listen to this.

Title: Sunday Sweeper EP
Artist: Alex Harmony
Label: Gymnastique Records
Cat Number:
Genre: House

Sunday Sweeper (original)
Sunday Sweeper (Komel Lemon remix)

Lovely dense phat sound. Both mixes hit the spot with the remix having a dubbier feel. I prefer the original but both are useful. The organ may seem overplayed but it just remains the right side of cheese. Don't like the whining squeaks in the remix though.

Title: High On Heels EP
Artist: Mike Vamp
Label: Top Model
Cat Number: House
Genre: TOP002

High On Heels (Vocal Version)
Catch Me Right Here
High On Heels (Alex Flatner remix)
High On Heels (Piemont remix)
If You Leave Me (Digital Only)

The Alex Flatner remix works as a nice steady warm up tune with a bit of character. Piemont remix is ok too.

Title: It's Time For New Stuff EP
Artist: Greenback & Andri
Label: Cityfox Ltd
Cat Number: Cityfox Ltd 02
Genre: House

It's Time - Andri
New Stuff - Greenback & Andri

Not bad at all. Funky and libidinous with well-used vocals and what sounds like a Phil Collins sample on 'New Stuff.' All good.

Title: Make You Want Me
Artist: Alton Miller
Label: Lace recordings
Cat Number: LACE022
Genre: Deep House

Make You Want Me
Turning On

Quality release, which is no more than I'd expect from Alton Miller. Deep, funky and soulful. Excellent. Can't believe it's thirteen years since I last saw him play in Paris. 'Turning On' really hits the spot.

Title: Miami Bass Machine/Move Edits
Artist: Ahmet Sisman
Label: SlashX
Cat Number:
Genre: House

Miami Bass Machine (A. Sisman edit)
Move (Nico edit)

You can't have too much of a good thing, and these edits offer another side to two brilliant tracks. Original and compelling, but simultaneously accessible. Excellent release.

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