Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blurbs, Blurbs, And More Blurbs

I've completely lost my voice so I'm catching up on 'tings. Here's some more recently-submitted feedback.

Title: Can You Relate Remixes Pt 2

Artist: Samuel L Session

Label: Soma

Cat Number: Soma 285d

Genre: Techno

Can You Relate (Joris Voorn remix)

Can You Relate (Slam dub)

Can You Relate (Anja Schneider remix)

Can You Relate (Anja Schneider Out Of Berlin remix)

Technically all good here, but even though Voorn's sound is an incredibly popular one, and I'm impressed by the energy of his sets, his versions aren't really me. The 'Slam dub' and 'Anja Schneider remix' are more up my strasse. There's an omnipresent throb thoughout these four versions . . .which is nice.

Title: Mannequin Funfare

Artist: Gus Brown

Label: Mixtape Records

Cat Number: MXTR016

Genre: Techno

Mannequin Funfare

Who Will Watch Over Us Now?

Bonkers insect fairground music from Mixtape's boss. Both are good, useful cuts but I prefer the depth and drama of 'Who Will Watch over Us Now?' This is music for a parallel universe were everybody is walking around the corridors of the Starship Enterprise backwards and bollock naked.

Title: Princess Guacamole

Artist: Rodriquez Jnr

Label: Mobilee

Cat Number: mobilee 066

Genre: House

A1: Princess Guacamole

B1: La Guapa

Digi Bonus: Okra Carnival

'Princess Guacamole' uses a similar synth line to that which served R Jnr so well on 'Kids Of Hula.' 'La Guapa is my pick of the bunch though, on this good, all-round release. Dark, carnivalesque and techy. 'Okra Carnival' maybe a digital exclusive but it's certainly not a throwaway piece.

Title: Saint Broccoli EP

Artist: Insect Elektrika

Label: Monocline

Cat Number: MONOCLI27

Genre: Techno

Hot She Dog

The Rhno Roho

I Eat You Walk

I Eat You Walk (Mike Wall remix)

I Eat You Walk (Lukkas remix)

Sick of minimal, if it ever really was a genre at all? This is good though so don't give up on it just yet. Right down Magda and Troy Pierce's street, and amongst the best on their playlists. Stripped-back, seedy, spaced-out, dark menacing funk that shows admirable restraint and feels like a compressed explosion for most of its duration. It's been done before so there's no room for cock-ups . . . and there aren't any.

Title: Sleep Moods

Artist: Robert James

Label: Hot Creations

Cat Number: HC002

Genre: House

Sleep Moods


Sleep Moods (Dyed Soundorom remix)

A great choice for the second release on this so far faultless label which is pushing a sound that sounds on the one hand derivative and, on the other, inspired. Sexy, libidinous and extremely funky. It's all conducted extremely well and bodes very well for the future of this strain of house.

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