Monday, May 03, 2010

Making Hay

Back to reality tomorrow. It's been a nice, long weekend in spite of the windy, unsettled weather. Plenty of time to do nothing in between something. Here's a few bits and pieces I've coralled over the past few days.

Peter van Hoesen, Cio d'Or & Hometrainer At Harry Klein 1.5.10

I came across this over at Live Sets a couple of hours ago. I've no idea who the mysterious Hometrainer is, sounds like a piece of gym equipment to me. The pedigree of the other two is beyond doubt though. I've yet to listen to this, and it's nearly eight hours long, so I've no idea who's playing when or what. It should be good though. Find out for yourselves.

Butane At Blues, Quito, Ecuador 10.4.10

I've listened to the first hour or so of this, again it's a long one, weighing in at just under four hours. It's really, really good. Druggy, stripped down tribal funk from Mr Organic Chemistry himself. Check out the remarks along the comments bar. Highly recommended.

Dan Ghenacia At Listed Presents Varsity All Stars At Victor Hotel, Miami WMC 27.3.10

Good sets from the last WMC haven't been posted in abundance, but they are slowly emerging. Keep your eyes peeled for the good ones of which this is one.

Brainfeeder Radio Presents Cosmogramma Special 20.4.10

Another big file at around six hours with Flying Lotus and the whole Brainfeeder crew in the studio together mixing up a woozy, stoned psychedelic storm to celebrate the release of 'Cosomgramma.' Roll up a fat one and don't make any plans for the day.

Cottam's Causes Of Colour Mix 26.4.10

I've yet to listen to this, but if it's half as good as the mix he did for Random Circuits (what happened, btw?), it should be a stormer. I hope so as I've recommended him for Modyfier's "Process" series.

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