Sunday, May 16, 2010

Here We Go Gathering Mixes In May

No time to breath at the moment. Super busy and knackered. Mrs Bling has got a new job and that means a more intense lifestyle for everyone concerned. At the moment I'm too tired to do anything except eat, sleep and listen to music. This is one of the reasons why I'm putting new release feedback up on the blog. It's publicity of a sort and honest. I haven't got time to write anything lengthier but things will adjust themselves soon and all will be back to normal. Meanwhile, here's one or two mixes I've come across on that phenomenon known as the Interweb that may interest you.

Marcel Dettmann Train Wreck Mix RBMA 5.10

1. XDB - 119 [Metrolux]
2. Insync vs Mysteron - Down
3. Auto Repeat - You Can't Stop [SSR]
4. Cristian Vogel - Xpute The Woop Woop [Tresor]
5. Terrence Dixon - Tomorrow People
6. Marcel Dettmann - Rerun [MDR]
7. JP Buckle - One For The Ladeez [Rephlex]
8. Robert Hood - Sleep Cycle [M-Plant]
9. Planetary Assault Systems - Hold It [Ostgut Ton]
10. Marcel Dettmann - Irritant [Ostgut Ton]
11. Shake - Mr. Gone Is Back Again [Frictional]
12. Bam Bam - Make U Scream [Desire]
13. Sascha Rydell - Contraire [Fachwerk]
14. Kenny Larkin - Glob (Kenny Larkin Remix) [Planet E]
15. Rolando - Junie [Unreleased]

There are a few recent Dettmann mixes floating around, but they're all too short. This one weighs in at around an hour which for me is the minimum length of mix consideration. I don't care how many tracks are crammed into shorter efforts, I need at least sixty minutes. So you can keep your mini mixes, with their two hundred electronically blended tunes. I'd like a mini milk though. Chocolate's my fave.

Exos – Maya – Force Inc (1999)
Jackmate vs Nik Reiff – Salmiak – Mosaic (1999)
Conforce – Subtraction – Meanwhile (2010)
Claro Intelecto – Nodrex – Modern Love (2008)
Sanasol vs Ozzy – Seveneleven (Sanaramalongermix) – Thule (1998)
Diego & Voco Derman – Symbolism – Kanzleramt (2003)
Rob Bardini – Through Together – Eclipsemusic (2010)
The Kelly Project – Home At Last – Plastic City (2001)
Shin – Lifetime – Persistencebit (2004)
Claro Intelecto – Thieves – Modern Love (2006)
Exos – Galaga – Thule (1997)
PCB – Jewel In The Crown – Meanwhile (2009)
Den Nard Husher – S.T.O.R.M. – Thule (1999)
Sterac – Satyricon – 100% Pure (1996)
Planetary Assault Systems – Sleepin Sin Seemless – Peacefrog (2002)
Kim Rapatti – A1 – Plug Research (1996)

Here's a mix by Italian-sounding Belgian - or is that the other way around? I'm pretty ignorant really regarding this guys nationality, I'm thinking Enzo Schifo but could be wrong - Franco Cangelli. This has been pinched off his very nice blog Hybridize. Deep, dark techno just in time for the summer. Check out earlier Hybridize posts for other mixes.

Surgeon needs no introduction. One of the most gifted and technically proficient DJs out there. This is a very recent set of his that he played with Ben Sims. Here's the Ben Sims set for those of you who are interested, and another to Surgeon's excellent record of his travels blog, Back In The Grinder. Surgeon is next in line for the Fabric mix series. Looking forward to that.

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