Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Bits

Blog activity has been a bit slow around these parts recently. Family life has taken over as has laziness. Anyway, I always need an occasional hiatus to remind me why I do this, as well as some time to take stock of my situation. My radio show is no more and I'm plotting my next move (s). As mentioned on my previous post "Requiem For Detroit" was on BBC2 over here in merry olde England last night. Great programme. Despite the odd snippet of vaguely technoish music being part of the programme's soundtrack, the only person who got a name check in the realms of techno was Richie Hawtin, whose name was briefly mentioned in reference to some parties he used to hold at The Pakard Plant, which he named a track after, and has now become a vast, decaying urban wasteland, like so much else of the city. I can hear Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes coughing into his cornflakes from here.

Anyway, here's a mix I came across this morning while readying myself to go out for a dim sum lunch. Lee Foss put this together for what looks like a quite good blog, Keep It Deep. Mr Foss is one of my personal "ones to watch" for 2010. His mixes don't come along that often, so one should take complete and utter advantage of them when they do. Here's a link for the mix. It's at the bottom of the article, which is about London bog clubbing sensation, Kubicle. Here's a link to an interview I did with Lee, for this very blog, at the end of last year. Now what happened to the Jamie Jones answers? Mmmm . . . .

Gentlemen, that reminds me. Another link to another great mix I came across over the weekend. Finn Johannsen is someone whose mixes you have to track down if you can. Here's one he produced for a blog with a ridiculously long name. He's got a bit more experience than the average spinner, has Finn, and this shows, not only in his selections but in his occasionally effortlessly epic transitions. Check out Oneiro going into Terence FM on this baby. Here's the tracklist.

IsolĂ©e –
Raudive – Paper
I-F – Energy Vampire
DJ Sprinkles – Masturjakor (Masturmix)
U2 – Lemon (Bad Yard Club)
Terence FM – Stay Around (Cajmere’s Black Hole Mix)
Oneiro – Oneiro Say Shhh! (Slide On The Wild Side)
Losoul – Brother In Love
Dave Angel – Fever
Roy Davis Jr. – My Anthem (Plant Life Mix 1)
Paul Johnson – My Free Feelings
Gemini – Le Fusion
Raudive – Brittle
Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight
Terre Thaemlitz – In The Style Of Terre Thaemlitz Untitled Tape Recording Age 10 Pt. 1

And there's more . . . here's a link to an interview with Detroit's legendary radio host,
The Electrifying Mojo. I haven't listened to this yet but, judging by the comments it should be interesting at least. I have a cassette of one of his shows somewhere in the deepest recesses of my dungeons. I shall try to root it out and upload it this week.

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