Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Overdue 'Tings

God, I've been neglectful. So much to do over the past few weeks, kids, new job (the wife, not me), reading, thinking and other important activities. The blog will rise again though. Expect some reviews tomorrow, and an end-of-month chart next weekend.

Meanwhile, a few more mixes from the interweb. I'm sure you'll have seen some of these already, but they're here in an easy-to-digest post for those of you who can't be arsed looking elsewhere.


Here's a podcast that LA housers Droog did for the self-conciously over-camp "Fortuna That Vicious Slut." Droog play on the roof of The Standard hotel in Los Angeles once a month over spring and summer. Here's a link to their first big party of the year. They also run, or have a hand in, the rather excellent Culprit label.


Kenny Dixon Jnr was in London t'other week for The Red Bull Music Academy, and hosted a roller disco. Here's his set, and above, some footage of the evening. here's another link to an entertaining pre-gig interview avec the Moody one.

Donato Dozzy

This is part of a set recorded live at Unit Tokyo at the end of January. Really hyped to the heights by Mnml Ssgs, and a pioneer of what has been endearingly named "headfuck techno, this is the most recent set of his to appear. Great DJ and one with an eclectic approach that, simultaneously seems all his own.

Keep it locked.

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