Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some Mixes

Mmmm, analogue warmth . . .

It's been a while since I posted any mix links, so here are a few. Some listened to already, some not. Your opinions and feedback always welcome.

Lee Foss Louche Podcast.

Excellent libidinously funky offering from Mr Foss. I will have a few words from him on this blog soon. Meanwhile, here's one of the best mixes of the last six months, that I've listened to, anyway.

Droog Tsugi podcast.

Haven't listened to this yet, but will go with my instincts and big it up anyway on the strength of listening to many of these boys sets frlom their famous parties at The Standard Hotel in LA.

Norman Nodge on Francois X.

The lawyer with the psychopath's name will undoubtedly be playing slabs of drone-influenced Berghain-style techno here. I've read some negative feedback on this one, but Nodge's mixes don't appear often enough on the net so always worth taking a chance on.

XDB Beatdown mix.

Played the Sud Electronic Christmas knees-up in London last night. This will hopefully be on Soundcloud for a while yet. If' it gets taken down, drop me a line and I'll re-up.

Specter Uzuri Mix

Deep house to get lost in. "Get us at it."

Ben Klock Bodytonic Live

Ben Klock, you know the score.

Greg Wilson Live At The Horse And Groom: Credit To The Edit 2 Launch 22.11.09

As you can see, I'm low on literary inspiration as far as posting is concerned. Greg Wilson, "do you know the score?"

There were three parts to this mix, now there are two. I will upload the first part if requested.


mj said...

The first half of that XBD mix is great, wasn't so keen on the rest. As with Norman Nodge he's someone whose mixes are few and far between and always worth a listen. Thanks for the link to the Klock mix, downloading now

Pollux said...

Thanks for the comment MJ. Posts l9ke this are always a bit hit and miss. Even if you've had time to listen to all the mixes yourself no one is ever going to be in complete agreement. Checked out your blog and liked it very much btw.