Sunday, December 13, 2009

And There's More

Rob Mello on Roof FM

Here's one from the disco plumber himself. Rob is an excellent DJ and an all-round nice character (haven't bumped into him for a long time now though, maybe he's changed . . ?). In any case, get on down and partay.

BTW, the above photo is the only one of Rob in existence.

Efdemin, Phantasma, Harry Klein,4.12.09

Kicks off with the Delano Smith track I featured on "Darkness and Light" a month or so back, which is no bad thing. Efdemin is usually a safe bet to deliver a bit of depth. Does he spin wearing a tie?

Ben Klock On Electronic Beats Radio, 4.12.09

Another offering from the Klockster. Keep it locked.

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