Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mr Fire & Mr Ice

Well, in the pressure cooker that is my abode, I finally found the time and space to do a new mix. Next up will be my mix for Modyfier's "Process" series. I'll start digging around for stuff to put in that tomorrow. Anyone familiar with James Ellroy's "LA Quartet" will know where I nicked the title from. "Mr Fire & Mr Ice" refers to two of the principal characters in the first book of the quartet, The Black Dahlia. Mr Fire is Officer Lee Blanchard, a fast-talking, action-oriented man who loves the limelight. Mr Ice is Dwight ‘Bucky’ Bleichert, a cop who avoids confrontations unless he’s forced into action. More of an introvert, it’s only after partnering up with Lee that Bucky becomes a player to be reckoned with within the police department.

Character descriptions cut and pasted from somewhere else.

So there you have it. Don't bother with the Scarlett Johansen - starring film though. Check out the book first.

Here's the tracklist:

You - Funkineven (Eglo)
I'm KMFH Girl! - Kyle Hall (Wild Oats)
Guest Service Shalom - Roni Nachum (Fine Art)
Sense - XDB (Wave)
Party People Clap (Levon Vincent remix) - DJ Qu (Deconstruct)
No Kiss (Um Po Tech) - Alex Picone (Mixworks)
Buckle Up - Big Strick (FXHE)
Tiger, Tiger (Ekkohaus Main mix) - Jozif (Fear Of Flying)
Strombooty - Billy Dalessandro (Siteholder)
Vampirella (Motorcityweakedoutfunkdub) - Subvoice (Subvoice Electronic Music)
Equalized 03 B
Here & Now - Rozzo (Trackdown)
Goldbrokat (Donato Dozzy Techno mix) - Cio D'Or (Prologue)
All The Way Back - Horizontal Ground 03
Fables & Fairytales - N/A feat. Rosina (Crosstown Rebels)
Lautschrift - Mike Dehnert (Cone Basement Series)
Grinding - Lee Foss (Wolf & Lamb)
Geheimtipp 03
Path Of Most Resistance - Pepe Bradock (Atavisme)

Download "Mr Fire & Mr Ice" here.

Part 2

Cottam 03 A - Cottam
Alien Mutts - Tama Sumo & Prosumer (Diamonds And Pearls)
Rough Side - DJ Kaos (Clone Loft Series)
Fixed Purpose - Bas Ror (Data Leak)
Basic Necessities - Basic Soul Unit (New Kanada)
Unknown Place - Lori (Prologue)
Infodex 0001 - Roswell Return (SD)
Double-Jointed Sex Freak - Levon Vincent (Novel Sound)
Aquanile - Guti (Desolat)
The Pressure (Mr G's Bass Cultured mix) - Kasper (Bass Culture)
Dub Weapon No 1 - Fish Go Deep (Bastardo Electrico)
Above 90 (Norman Nodge remix) - Peter van Hoesen (Time To Express)
Abbott (Mike Parker remix) - Donor/Truss (Synewave)
Mouth Of Sip (Ben Klock remix) - Steve Bug (Poker Flat)
Golden Glow - Markus Homm (Highgrade Digital)
Prayer For Detroit - Kris Wadsworth (Fresh Meat)
Nice & Clean - Lemos (Cecille Numbers)
Hollywood - Inxec & Matt Tolfrey (Culprit)
A Goat On Fire In The Garden Of Eden - Jabberjaw (Spectral)
Libellules - Agoria (Infine)
Three Blind Rats - Omar S (FXHE)

Download "Mr Fire & Mr Ice Part 2" here.

Constructed, as ever, under duress, at Castle Corey, Haverhill, Suffolk, UK, on two Technics 1210s, two Pioneers CDJ200s and an Allen & Heath Xone:32.

I hope to be making the transition to full-on Serato land soonish, but won't ever be abandoning the more conventional approach.

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