Friday, December 04, 2009

209 Radio's Survival

As you may, or may not know, this blog was set up as a companion to my radio show "Machines Are Funky" which is broadcast every two Saturdays on 209 Radio, (soon to change its name to Cambridge 105). The blog has been in existence now for three-and-a-half years, the show for just over five. In any case, the show has been an island of stability for me during that time, which has also witnessed two house moves and the birth of another son. Last week things were on the brink of disintegration. As I posted on Sunday, last weekend's show was, at time of going to press, due to be my final fling. Four days ago a lot of the radio's staff (all volunteers bar three) gathered for the anticipated fatal countdown. We needed to raise £28000 by midnight or face closure. At 11:30pm we had approximately £12500, which represented a very good effort but was obviously nowhere hear what was required. Karl, the station manager, was ready to wind things up when a mystery donor stumped up the difference. Everybody, bar Karl and one or two others (probably), is in the dark as to who made the donation. It couldn't have been more dramatic, or incredible.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, it's a very great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!
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Daniel said...

Mate... The blog's very cool... what to say... you know i made a show on a local radiostation... invited some good guys like phil autuori, andre crom, knarf skipson etc.. but it all collapsed as i had to make it for my own money, my own time and completely alone... for free... there were no any hint to support from the station and nobody seemed to be interested in what i was doing. just two words about nothing.. you're cool with music you play and show you do. keep it up and... i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. wish i could help somehow...

Pollux said...

I really appreciate the comments. Thanks very much. Sorry you had to quit. Where are you from btw?



Daniel said...

I'm from Russia. A bit far and a bit surprising I guess but there are some people here who know good house music when hearing it (I do not mean quintessential'n'uzuri's wonderboy Anton Zap - he's cool, yeah, and jus ed's nina kraviz or scsi9 though i do not like what they're doing at the level of an idia so2say - but... they are quite allright. I'm not from the capital, my native city's not a big one. But the radiostation i made a show for is... a good one and is listened to abroad... and the format, whole idea and people seemed to be really fine and close to me (the site's First my show called Beat Plate ( was a complete crap you know as i had a very deem recollection about what to do. But after some time has left i started forming some sane thing out of it. Of course I didn't have too much exclusive promos and demos or unreleased stuff. But I was working out this direction and had a firm good feedback aboud what i was doing from the people i cooperated with. And when I was thinking over of launching fool blood podcasting and good postproduction support I came across with a total indifference as they seem to be more interested in broadcasting some free ready-made products like urbantorque, homelistening, fusionova, whatever than my show. No no, they were ok with the show but i required money and the team to help me as the show was not my full-time job and using my own resources and enthusiasm only bacame a bit hard for me. So, only words and no actions from their side... Being devoted to tsuba, bloop, hot natured, wolf'n'lamb, bearweasel,jjones, peace division and so on so on I really want to do the show and cannot doing it now ) So I do really understand you to some degree and hope you'll take all the shit over.



ps think the above could be estemated more as a private message then a comment but you can post it if you like.

Pollux said...

Hi Daniel
Well, I had to cancel my last show, in spite of still being in business, as I didn't have a Duty Manager to look after the building while I'm in the studio (they are required by law). In any case, got my next broadcast on the 26th and then on into the New Year. Very sorry it didn't work out for you. It's not very fair when you don't get the financial support required. I just hope we can sustain ourselves into the future.

A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you over in Russia.