Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Start Of Something Big

Still on a Derrick Carter tip. The newly-relaunched digital version of Classic are going to rerelease Sound Patrol's seminal 'Sweetened, No Lemon' at some point in the nebulous future. I uploaded 'Tripping Amongst The Stars' on this blog earlier this year and it went down a storm, which brings me nicely around to the return of the downloads.

Watch Them Come (Derrick's Watch Dem Bump) - Roy Davis Jnr feat. Pevenn Everett (Bombay)

This is quintessential Carter. It's got all of the fundamental boompty elements intact, bouncing percussion, odd acid-inflected doodles and a great vocal. Peven Everett's finest hour along with 'Gabrielle'

It's also a great DJ tool because of its length. You could mix in and out of anything with this. Excellent.

Speak To Me (The Rainy City Remixes) - Roland Clarke (Estereo)

The original was a promo. These are the Rainy City Remixes which are both very similar. No matter. Wonderful much-sampled vocal that's been bootlegged many a time. Both versions are here but you can make do with just the one.

Keep it locked. I'll post a few more before Christmas and the holiday.

I can't recommend 'Faith' enough. A hybrid house/casual fanzine that brings an enthusiasts eye to the music we love. DJ Sneak, DC's protege, adorns the latest cover. Oot now for free if you're lucky. If not, details on the main forum.

Nineties Chicago house will be next year's worthy cause. Just you watch.

Oh, and Jeff Mills . . .

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