Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last Night's Playlist

It's getting more and more essential to squeeze as much as possible into two hours. I have, therefore, become rather adept at making my own on the spot edits.

Sketches Of NYC (UR 7th Tunnel remix) - Nublu Orchestra (Nublu)
A Grain Of Salt - Mark O' Sullivan (Nice And Nasty)
La Infuencia - Dubbyman (Yore)
]Steal My Heart feat Crawford - Paul Frick (Kalk Pets)
Tirades - King Roc (Mutual Society)
Can't Forget - Azuni (STHML Audio)
Face - Sex Troxler (Wagon Repair)
Where Were You In '92 - Zomby (Werk)
Bubububadub - MHM 1 (Tartelet)
B 1 - La Pena (La Pena)
Keep Pushin' - Chris Carrier (Adult Only)
Trans - Delano Smith (Third Ear)
Point - Affkt & Danny Fiddo (Barraca)
Trinidad E Tobago - Fabio Gianelli (3120)
Blood Into Dust - Redshape (Styrax Leaves)
Coco Feel And Love Shonk - Shonky (Contexterrior)
Time Relapse - Louis Guilluame (SD)
Caminos Del Nino - ICan (Ican)
Evolution - Sons Of The Dragon (Sons Of The Dragon)
Namgo - Shlomi Aber (Be As One)

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