Monday, December 22, 2008

Bonnes Fetes

I'm well aware I sound like a twat for giving this post, and mix, a French title, but I'm off to the land of smelly shrugs and cheese tomorrow, and shall be returning just before the New Year. I've just had the time to record a very spontaneous mix this morning, I haven't even listened to it yet so its rawness is assured. I hope it's turned out ok.

Bonnes Fetes

Deep Inside - Daniel Bortz (Pastamusik Ltd)
I'm Human Now (Cassy remix) - James Teej (Connect Four)
Frozen On Yellow Ice - Ray Okapara (AreaRemote)
Ecoballe - Man D.A. (No Digital)
On The Move - Eve White (Contentismissing)
Platte - Luke Hess (Echocord Colour)
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do - Daniel Stefanik (Freude-Am-Tanzen)
Bubadubadub (Don Melon's 8 Days Late Tribal Tool remix) - MHM 1 (Tartelet)
Love Never Sleeps (Par Grindvik remix) - Seth Troxler (Crosstown Rebels)
Mined - Ribn (Millions Of Moments)
Trans - Delano Smith (Third Ear)
1999 - Audiofly (8-Bit)
Bring The Bling - Galuszka (Siteholder Uncut)
Ujea Suyeah - Laurent Zappone (Herz Ist Trumpf)
8 Miles Wide - The Plan (The Plan)

Download 'Bonnes Fetes' here.

And have a good one!

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