Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giza Visa - Shadi Megallaa (Dilek)

Read my RA review of Shadi Megallaa's 'Giza Visa' here.


Anonymous said...

Shadi here.. "Quite why Shadi Megallaa opted to entitle his latest production in scouse (Liverpool) vernacular I don't know." Well i'll tell you, as an Egyptian its ridiculously difficult to get visas to travel.. It sometimes eels like i'd need a visa to enter my own country, Giza is in Egypt.. Hence the name, Giza Visa :)

Pollux said...

Nice one Shadi. I'm not totally familiar with the pronounciation of Giza in Egypt. Would it be 'i' as in the double 'ee' in sheep?

Shadi said...

Yeah man, kinda like how the English say "Oi Geeeza" :)