Thursday, April 06, 2006

DJs Who Make Mix Compilations But Don’t Like Them:

Mix comps in general that is. James Holden did it to us last month with “At The Controls,” (React) and Luciano’s about to with “Sci-Fi Hi-Fi Vol. II” (Soma). I’ve heard a few in my time, most recently “Boogybytes Vol. 01” (BPitch) by Kiki and “Fabric 27” by Mathew Dear as Audion, both of which were great. Of course there’s a plethora of them out there, and we all know the old chestnut about “not being able to condense a 24 hour set into 80 minutes, but surely good music is good music? Holden’s tracklisting was, to some, inventive, and it was certainly well-programmed, but the bottom line is that if you don’t like the tunes, then you’re not going to buy it. I anticipate a bit of a backlash for Luciano who, in my opinion, has missed an opportunity. He finished his mix at the beginning of this year. Look at the track listing and tell me what he’s produced isn’t radically different from the multitude of live sets he was playing during the last few months of ’05. Soma have sat on the release of this one for too long. I can’t see this selling as well as it could have. Hope it does though. If it’s half as good as Ewan Pearson’s launch for the series (which, along with Dominik Eulberg’s “Kreucht & Fleucht” (Mischwald) were mix cd highlights of last year. For an excellent review of the Eulberg cd, click here), it’ll be worth it.

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