Monday, September 10, 2018

Mantras for the Travelling Souls - Fred P & SMBD (Modern Dialect)

Title: Mantras For The Travelling Souls Vol. 1
Artist: Fred P & SMBD
Label: Modern Dialect
Cat Number: MD001
Genre: Deep House

1: Angel Dust
2: Pulling Strings
3: Matralude 1 (Vinyl Only)
4: Hybrid 
5: Mantralude 2 (Vinyl Only)
6: Angel Dust (SMBD Dub) (Digital Only)

You may recoil at the mass of deep house that comes out on a weekly basis. You may also wonder what constitutes the genre, seeing a lack of depth in most releases, and then recoiling at the additional adjective “soulful” thinking it’s one too many and completely unjustified. The music under scrutiny here is of a type that links The Loft to Berghain; in which there’s sincerity, aligned with a contrasting refinement and rawness, which is dynamic, distinct and diverse. I doubt that a more vivid shade of the genre is being released at the moment. I’m reasonably well-versed regarding Fred P, not so with Simbad, who has released under the SMBD alias since sometime last year. so it would be interesting to know exactly who did what here. The ends have justified the means though, whoever is behind what.

A recent Fred P mix I'm enjoying.

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