Saturday, September 01, 2018

Dust And Haze - Valya Kan (Work Them Records)

Title: Dust & Haze
Artist: Valya Kan
Label: Work Them Records
Cat Number: WorkThemRecLP001
Genre: Techno

1: Leave
2: Machine Soul
3: Promises
4: Sick
5: A Perfect Emotion
6: Smoke In The Cockpit
7: Time Capsule
8: Acid Hotel
9: Berlin Mornin’ Summer
10: Promises Dub
11: Saturday 1542

So often the concept of the album is debunked by a lack of understanding as to what it actually is. ‘Dust and Haze’ strays well clear of this and treads a careful, eponymous path through the potential conflicts between different auditory turfs in order to effortlessly rise to the occasion and demonstrate that patience is not only a virtue, but is an essential prerequisite both on the part of the artist and listener. This is a piece of work in more than one sense of the expression; it’s not a collection of highs and lows, rather a sonic smorgasbord of understatement. It clearly goes for the jugular on tracks like “Acid Hotel’ and ‘Sick’, but its power is no less potent on ‘Leave’, ‘’Machine Soul and ‘Promises’, in addition to those other compositions in which a singular sense of nuance and subtlety prevails.

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