Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Traveller - Morphology (Firescope)

Title: Traveller
Artist: Morphology
Label: Firescope
Cat Number: FS011
Genre: Electro

A1: Distant Signal
A2: Second Light
A3: Farthest Regions
B1: Hidden Variable
B2: Memory Fragments
B3: Detached
C1: Pod Bay 8
C2: Bipolar Nebula
D1: Kernel Method
D2: Deutoros

The artwork, depicting a brutalist spaceship interior, of the type pioneered by the Nostromo, (minus the darkness), ensures that the music will not be of this world. And indeed it isn’t. Which leads one to speculate whether electro will ever feel earthbound. The track titles support the theory that it won’t happen any time soon, not if Finland’s finest electronic exports, along with Aleksi Perala, have anything to do with it. Concepts come and go, but nothing beats good old space exploration, particularly when it’s handled so sensitively. This album works because it gets the balance right time and time again by playing to its strengths. It never tries to be something it isn’t. It reeks of machine funk efficiency, the beats mainly being hard hitting, pausing for thought during ’Memory Fragments’, ‘Detached’, ‘Bipolar Nebula’ and slouching to a graceful finish with ‘Deuteros’. This is a solid piece of work, whose origins can be traced back to the lack of homework in Finnish schools, and the consequent free time thereof spent practicing on analogue hardware.

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