Sunday, May 06, 2018

Phoenix - Generation Next (7 Days Ent)

Title: Phoenix
Artist: Generation Next
Label: 7 Days Ent
Cat Number: 7DAYSGN1006
Genre: Deep House

A1: Sundance Kid
A2: Roseland
B1: Jungle (10.10.15)
B2: Gold Scorpion

An EP which is sophisticated, low key and confident. Both tracks on the A side grind in traction at different tempos, making use of house friction to oil their respective gears. ‘Jungle (10.10.15)’ makes use of an answerphone message which opens up to envelop the track (it doesn’t really, but sounds like it’s supposed to). Both it and ‘Roseland’ do a good job of unintentionally redefining a fuggy, funky ambience sporadically reined in by a metronomic tourniquet. ‘Gold Scorpion’ is hewn from the ten commandments of melodic Detroit techno, but lacks the peaks and troughs, as well as the depth, to make it truly memorable.

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