Monday, May 07, 2018

Nemesis EP - Simoncino (Unknown to the Unknown)

Title: Nemesis EP
Artist: Simoncino
Label: Unknown to the Unknown
Cat Number: UTTU083
Genre: Deep House

1: Slave
2: Frontline
3: Oh Baby Now
4: Nemesis

The Unknown to the Unknown production line shows no sign of shirking, so with that in mind Simoncino steps up for his second release on the label. And while it’s a competent piece of work, it does feel a little one-dimensional. ‘Slave’ is the most up tempo track here, and easily stands out because of this. The other three each navigate a mid tempo kick and embellish it with varying degrees of synth- led melancholia. Of the three, I’m the most sold on ‘Frontline’, whose cosmic credentials soar a little higher than those of ‘Oh Baby Now’ or the title track. They’re all good compositions; it just feels like they could have spread their wings a bit more.

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