Monday, January 22, 2018

The Midnight Manual - V/A (Midnight Shift)

Title: The Midnight Manual
Artist: V/A
Label: Midnight Shift
Cat Number: MNSX5Y
Genre: Techno/

A1: Barnhohl – Hodge & Gramrcy
A2: Rymdhattens Resa – Knutsson/Berg
B1: Power Grab – Mark Foreshaw
B2: Iron Boat – Harmonius Thelonius

C1: Joie Automoatique – Amato
C2: A Last Time For – INNSYTER
D1: Turbine – Thermocline
D2: The Gurning Veneer – Terry Lamborghini

A mixed bag, characterized mostly by an upfront urgency and occasional discord, it’s perhaps no surprise then to learn that when it goes slightly off the beaten track and explores a more organic side, as in ‘Iron Boat’, then one sits up and takes more notice. That’s not to say that there isn’t other good stuff to be discovered here as well. Mark Forshaw’s Detroit-inflected ‘Power Grab’ is as good as its word, and the tribal-infused dense breaks of ‘Rymdhattens Resa’ and the stark, plucked electro of ‘Amato’ all engage the synapses and the senses. Compilations which feel smoothed out have always felt a little suspect. This one has quite a few rough edges, thankfully.

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