Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Nocturnal Lullabies EP - Estroe (Rosedale Records)

Title: Nocturnal Lullabies EP
Artist: Estroe
Label: Rosedale Records
Cat Number: ROSE022
Genre: House

1: Borderline (2018 Version)
2: Borderline (D. Diggler Remix)
3: Nightshift
4: Slaapliedje

Both versions of ‘Borderline’ are wonderful. Diggler’s isn’t that great a departure from the original, but it’s more bass heavy, which gives it the edge over the more fragile ‘2018 Version’ in my considered opinion. There is also a shared sense of destiny at play here. Both ‘Nightshift’ and ‘Slaapliedje’ share a crepuscular sensibility with ‘Borderline (2018 Version)’ and contribute to the overall dreamy tone of the release. Not surprising when you see what it’s called. The type of more up tempo offering that one should play when getting into a floatation tank, if there are any still around.

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