Monday, November 13, 2017

Midnite - Jensen Interceptor (Zone Records)

Title: Midnite
Artist: Jensen Interceptor
Label: Zone Records
Cat Number: ZONE32
Genre: Techno

1: Midnite
2: No Sleep
3: Illinois 78

“You got any Nitzer Ebb mate?” Well if not, Jensen Interceptor, named after a particularly desirable 1970s car, could provide some much needed back up. This is staccato marching music for dysfunctional Duracell bunnies; devilishly effective, the funk runs through this from top to bottom and feels like it could go on for ever. I played this the other evening while we were all having dinner and my youngest son started throwing shapes as he was eating a spare rib. Choking could have resulted in the throat of a less qualified individual, but the rhythm he was endowed with courtesy of the studiously assembled beats allayed any fears I had. Seriously, get this on at any time and you’ll see why.

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