Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyborg Holiday Snaps - Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s (Paradise Palms)

Title: Cyborg Holiday Snaps
Artist: Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 55s
Label: Paradise Palms
Cat Number: PP007
Genre: Low Slung Dance Stuff

1: Cyborg Holiday Snaps
2: Cyborg Holiday Snaps (7” Mix)
3: Numerical Discord Swap
4: Numerical Discord Swap (7” Mix)

Both tracks here shine a light onto what has become a very popular sub-genre. Popularized mainly by Andrew Weatherall and ‘A Love From Outer Space’. this sound owes a debt in equal parts to italo, acid and middle age. And that’s not meant as anything else but the culmination of years of funk stroking, electronic, hedonistic knowledge manifesting itself on the dance floor. The perfect vehicle then for the dapper Justin Robertson, someone who, in spite of his immense contribution to British house music has never, in my opinion anyway, quite garnered the praise he deserves. Both tracks here, (we won’t bother with the 7” versions) are great chuggers, especially ‘Numerical Discord Swap’ which is framed on two levels by anamorphic keys from the fourth dimension.

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