Monday, November 13, 2017

Daughters - C-A-R (Ransom Note)

Title: Daughters
Artist: C-A-R
Label: Ransom Note
Cat Number:
Genre: R$N 12.1

1: Daughters
2: Hard to Keep My Mind on You

A beguiling release which gets better with repeated listens. Both tracks heavily emphasis Chloe Raunet’s spoken word delivery and do the job of feeling futuristic, while at the same time traditional. I suppose if I have a criticism then ‘Hard to Keep My Mind On You’ does sound a bit like someone singing during an audition, in a big top, in a field amidst some dodgy performance art with primal screaming going on in the next tent. However, at 1:09 it’s ‘Daughters’ that’s going to get noticed. An unexpected bonus is the press shot, which looks looks like “the scary picture” from ‘Look Around You’, both of which I’ve posted below for a quick comparison.

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