Monday, August 08, 2016

Oblic/Serpenti Remixes - Cosmin TRG (Fizic)

Title: Oblic/Serpenti Remixes
Artist: Cosmin TRG
Label: Fizic
Cat Number: FIZIC005
Genre: Techno

A: Serpenti (Lucy Remix)
B: Oblic (Minor Science’s Non-Newtonian Fluid Mix)

Lucy’s remix is a linear, tribaltastic voyage into an unmapped region, which takes a slight twist about half way along its length. In this case, that means the drums become a little crisper, and the peripheral noises combine to the extent that some of them come to dominate the proceedings. Minor Science’s is the more lively, and interesting of the pair, making use of a minimalesque soundscape, in which percussion skitters across itself, and depth is added using a scattergun regard for cohesion. It falls into place nicely though.

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