Monday, August 01, 2016

Mini Owner - DMX Crew (Shipwrec)

Title: Mini Owner
Artist: DMX Crew
Label: Shipwrec
Cat Number: SHIP 040
Genre: Electro

A1: Changed Minds
A2: Cordial
A3: Ping Me Back

B1: Mini-Owner
B2: Paraside
B3: Thinking Using Another’s Brain

 Ed DMX has been at it for ages, and it shows. There’s a classy touch about everything on this EP on attractive green marbled vinyl. Shipwrec is one of a few essential electro labels coming out of The Netherlands at the moment, and this release is indicative of the product that’s making them a buy-on-site imprint. The six tracks range from the whimsical and eccentric; (‘Changed Minds’ ‘Thinking Using Another’s Brain’ & ‘Cordial’), to the jittery, (‘Ping Me Back’), italo (‘Mini-Owner’) and finally the astro-bass of ‘Paraside’. An excellent piece of work from Mr DMX which shows off a range of talent lovingly nurtured over the last twenty years or so.

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