Monday, February 01, 2016

History Of Gods EP - 30drop (30drop Records)

I decided to publish this on my blog, after it was pulled by Ibiza Voice. The artist and agent objected to the use of the stream on the IV site. The artist also wants to keep the fact that he lives in Barcelona secret, despite this information being freely available on his site.

Title: History Of Gods
Artist: 30drop
Label: 30drop Records
Cat Number: 30D-004
Genre: Techno

A1: Transversal Sight
A2: History of Gods
B1: History of Gods (Sterac Remix)
B2: Complex Entropy

‘History Of Gods’ wins the prize for the most grandiose song title I’ve come across so far this year hands down, but I know nothing about its creator 30drop. The label website is full of interesting context, not just for the music, but the overall artistic stance, incorporating his base, Barcelona, live performance and general label direction. So far so interesting, but does the music offer anything radically different?

Well, all three original tracks in this release lean very heavily on nineties Jeff Mills, but do nothing really to update the sound. This is neither a bad thing, nor an original one; in any case 30drop makes no attempt to conceal the influence Detroit has had on him on his website and seems very much at one with his machines. Both ‘Transversal Sight’ and ‘History of Gods’ pulse along on varying frequencies crisply and confidently and have consummate power and depth. ‘Complex Entropy’ is the most obviously derivative piece here, but again it’s eloquently composed. On the other hand, Sterac’s remix feels undercooked, and isn’t as good as the original.

A solid release, but I feel there’s more to come from 30drop. I like the ideas promoted on his website, there seems to be a real passion which allows this release some room to manoeuver and keeps the overall concept from sliding into the realms of the bombastic.

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