Thursday, February 18, 2016

Echo 8 - Mike Dehnert (Clone Basement Series)

Title: Echo 8
Artist: Mike Dehnert
Label: Clone Basement Series
Cat Number: CBS020
Genre: Techno

A1: Echo 8
A2: Wokabeat
B1: Meckwiki
B2: Say How

Clone Basement Series opened with Mike Dehnert’s Levon Vincent remixed ‘Umlaut2’, a much warmer, fuller piece than any of the compositions here. That’s not to say this quartet is in any way deficient, not way. Here Dehnert gets back to basics and throws everything, including the kitchen sink, at the dance floor, raising the bar for DJ tools as he does. This is basement music in a nutshell, each track outmaneuvering each other in an effort to hammer home the funk. ‘Echo 8’ is the only one here which doesn’t make use of some sort of disembodied vocal, preferring functiong, along with ‘Meckwicki’, on a crisper plane to the more dampened ‘Wokabeat’ and ‘Say How’.

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