Sunday, March 31, 2013

Under Starter's Orders

. . . and we're off . . .

. . .slowly evolves from a fuzzy vocal intro through tumbling, minimalistic swirls of sound . . .as a jaunty piano motif gradually distends downward into something entirely more sinister and dissonant. . ."Mix 2," in an an act of perversity. . . is built around sharp, icy electro bass stabs. . . . concludes with a typically punchy slice of club-orientated tech-funk . . . Finally, “. . .” sees the producer pair a celestial groove with a deep undercurrent . . .Sticky, snappy, obtrusive synths. . .youʼre struck not by the difference between the tracks but by the seamless way the jazzy newer one is complemented by the funky older one . . . untethered from a rhythmic framework and allowed to float in free space . . . there’s a complexity on show; tied up in its straight muscular rhythm and sinewy bassline is an improvised piano line that adds an emotional nuance . . .with slivers of pulled apart and reassembled sounds and splintered percussive parts unfolding over stepping, half-paced beats . . . pushes his Utopian vision over the edge on this third wedge of amorous chastity to produce a comparatively more industrial setting . . 

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