Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 23/3/13

As enjoyable as last night's show was, it was somewhat overshadowed by the journey home, which was quite hazardous, the roads not having been gritted at all and becoming very dodgy indeed the nearer I got to my destination. I was helped through it by the knowledge that Barry Simmons from "Eggheads" won "Brain Of Britain", Radio 4's weekly Saturday night quiz composed of random people and even more random questions. Barry, a professional quizzer, was the object of much public disapproval for even daring to compete on the show. Anyway, he won, to a chorus of much applause and neither a catcall or boo was heard. Not bad for a 67 year-old Baz. If I can be doing that when I'm your age then I'll be pretty happy.

And I don't want to blow my own trumpet but I even received some approving emails during last night's show from my two listeners. Seriously though, I need to prepare more before I do my shows, I mean, I'm making it up as I go along ffs! As you can hopefully see from the playlist below, the two hours was an undulating binary unit of electronic listening bliss. Starting off with the downright industrial morbidness of Kerridge, through to the proto-eighties electro funk of Sheffield's finest Cabaret Voltaire, (still Sheffield's finest btw), then riding a wave of relative uncertainty in the shape of Anthony Naples onto a linear, trance-induced wave of funk until Shed's breakbeat-infused 'Tantakatan' (I was punching the air on my own in the studio for that one. The only real exercise I've had all week), onto the highlight of the night, Callisto's 'Resistance' and through to the finale, the AW remix of 'Like A Machine' which had to be faded out after four or so minutes.

As blurted throughout the show, Harry's up next on the 6/4, and then me on the 20/4. Harry has asked Lee Scott to do a mix for him, so that may be coming up on the sixth, while Rick Hopkins, of Thunder fame, will be providing a mix for my show on the twentieth, along with an interview for this here blog.

Kerridge - Waiting For Love 3 (Downwards)
Dimen Andesso - Kangding Ray (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Terrence Dixon - Self Portrait (Actress Remix) (Monique Musique)
Cabaret Voltaire - Do Right (Some Bizarre/Virgin)
Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson - Astronomical Twilight (Argot)
Roman Fluegel - Cookie Dust (Live At Robert Johnson/Playhouse)
Paranoid London feat Paris Brightledge  - Paris Dub 1 (Paranoid London)
KCL Project - La Liberte (Octopus Records)
Martyn - Newspeak (Dolly Dubs)
Anthony Naples - El Portal (The Trilogy Tapes)

Johannes Volk - The Second Resistance (Dolly)
Lamar aka Keith Worthy - Karma (Original Mix) (Aesthetic Audio)
Balil - Parasight (Rising High)
Radio Slave - Tantakatan (The Drunken Shed Remix) (Rekids)
Callisto - Resistance (Guidance)
Simoncino feat Julian Jonah - Where Did U Go? (Echovolt)
JTC - South Brooks (HoyaHoya)
The Emperor Machine - Like A Machine (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (Southern Fried)

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