Friday, October 14, 2011

October Chart

Hurrah! It's my birthday today so, fresh after sampling the seven course tasting menu at Cambridge's Midsummer House, here's this month's chart. I've got to do something, innit? Too bloated and corpulent to do anything else.

The Pathway To Tiraquon6 - Space Dimension Controller (R&S)

The Purple EP - The Analogue Cops (Out-Er)

Visionquest Fall/Winter Collection - V/A (Visionquest)

Dayz - Mathew Jonson (Crosstown Rebels)

Deep Deep Down - Cottam (Aus Music)

Quemadura Del Sol - Alejandro Trebor (Hidden Recordings)

The Established Order - Point B (Frijsfo Beats)

The Messenger - Planetary Assault Systems (Ostgut Ton)

The Boardroom Presents . . . . Radical Majiks Mental Health - Radical Majik (The Boardroom Presents)

Kiss 'N' Tell EP - B Bravo (Earnest Endeavours)

The Space Dimension Controller collection is one of the best things I've heard all year and carries on from where his previous R&S release, 'Temporary Thrillz' left off. Also impressive is the latest Visionquest compilation. This label is real carving out a niche for itself, straddling the psychedelic/dark pop/house music divide with ease. All the above are worthy of a mention. Mathew Jonson is back on form, the Analogue Cops more than live up to their name, Cottam returns with one of his best yet, and Alejandro Trebor continues Hidden's recent run of good form, backed up by a horde of remixes. There's Point B's latest on Frijsfo and Radical Majik - expect to see them both reviewed somewhere else soon, an excellent album from Luke Slater and the debut funkified release on Earnest Endeavours. Maybe I'm just in a good mood because it's my birthday, but I love them all. xxx

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