Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Isometric Dance Class: 19.9.90

For the first post of October, done during an unnaturally sunny day for this time of the year, I found a recording of an old Stu Allen or David Dunne show (I can't remember who) from Piccadilly Key 103 "back in the day." I can only imagine that I must have recorded this up at my mum's while waiting to go back to university for the start of my second year. Living in Wallasey meant that I had to twiddle around with the radio knobs to get reasonable reception, but normally seemed to end up doing so when it mattered. I didn't use to listen to the radio at university, preferring to play records and tapes constantly. Anyway, there was the occasional glimmer of light on Merseyside in 1990, but it came from Manchester every Sunday night. Listening to this tape now doesn't feel so much like the trip back in time it is, apart from analogue ruling the waves. There's a very eclectic approach, some of which comes off, and then again some of which doesn't. Sequencing skills are as smooth as sleight of hand and generally track selection is good. Not bad for a radio show that was broadcast between 7 and 9 I think.

I'll put another recording up next week.

Download part 1 here.

Download part 2 here.


DD said...

I just found your post on the Isometric Dance Class - It was my show and ran for just over two years during the heady early days of the Hacienda and madchester scene. There were no Technics or varispeed decks in the Piccadilly Radio studios, so it was all done off standard decks with some echo added via a Revox tape machine. Interesting to see a few shows resurfacing lately on blogs from cassettes people must have found under their beds/in their lofts. You can find some more and also a hundred other classic dance radio shows and live sets by all kinds of talented people in this archive.
It's truly impressive. Thanks for posting the show up.

david dunne

Pollux said...

Hi David, thanks for your comment. Very happy memories of listening to your show when I could. The circumstances under which it was made make it even more remarkable. Thanks for the linkage too. I'll be having some of those sets.