Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Feedback

I'll be shutting myself away, hermit-like, for the duration of the World Cup. I'll still be posting but little will be getting in the way of a good match. Meanwhile, here's a little bit of feedback I've got around to giving recently.

Title: Crewcuts & Curls Remixes
Artist: Tom Demac
Label: Murmur
Cat Number: mur017
Genre: House

In Your Eyes (Wolf & Lamb remix)
Crewcuts & Curls (Jamie Jones Water Cooler remix)
Crewcuts & Curls (Luke Solomon Razor version)

Wolf & Lamb give us a dubby slow burner, Jamie Jones a funky, quirky jack track with great bass and Luke Solomon falls a little between the two with a freaky rendition that recalls classic robot funk. Great release.

Title: Cry (Slam Remixes)
Artist: Dot Allison
Label: Soma
Cat Number: Soma 289d
Genre: Techno

Cry (Slam Instrumental)
Cry (Slam Vocal)

Good instrumental but unfortunately the vocal is so infrequent as to be virtually non-existent.

Title: Enough Talk
Artist: Gary Beck
Label: Soma
Cat Number: Soma 287d
Genre: Techno

Enough Talk

'Enough Talk' builds nicely but doesn't really go anywhere. 'Ferenze' is similar but tougher. OK but in need of something else to go that extra inch.

Title: Equilibrium
Artist: Hot Natured
Label: Culprit
Cat Number: CP007
Genre: House

Keys To The Garage

Seriously good. It takes a lot of skill to put such an original twist on sounds like these but Foss and Jones manage it effortlessly. This stuff points the way at the moment.

Title: Foca Master Sarajevo
Artist: Soul Mekanik
Label: Wonk
Cat Number: WONK003
Genre: Cosmic Balaerica

Foca Master Sarajevo

I've heard every riff in this track before, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. It's a cliche but it's nice.

Title: Night & Day
Artist: Raymundo Rodriguez
Label: Black & White Orange Records
Cat Number:
Genre: House

Late Shift
Morning Start

Two tracks of driving, percussive, dubby tech-house. Nothing particularly ground-breaking but devilishly effective on the floor. Good.

Title: What's Mine Is Yours
Artist: Greg Paulus
Label: Double Standard
Cat Number: DS02
Genre: House

What's Mine Is Yours
Part of Me
Hard Drankin Whiskey Line

Definitely a mood setter. Like its restraint which hints at confidence and depth. Full of funky entrails which blend well with the horns and more current motifs. You can go too far though, and I'd like to have seen a little more variety.

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