Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Podcasts That Need To Be Heard

Get The Curse have been puling out all the stops recently with their series of podcasts. They recently celebrated their century with an Ivan Smagghe/Andy Weatherall double-header. A fine way to bring up the ton. They've since built on that with an Ahmet Sisman podcast. Sisman is a producer whose work I admire a lot. I haven't listened to the podcast yet so I can't offer any opinion. Links below.

Get The Curse Podcasts (General Link)

Ivan Smagghe Vs Andrew Weatherall

Ahmet Sisman

Little White Earbuds
added the redoubtable Matthew Styles to their series of Podcast contributors earlier this week. Matt is someone who I've featured myself on this blog, as well as on my now-defunct radio show. Way back in the mists of time he did a guest mix for me which was very well received. Here's how he sounds at the moment. Track list for this one too when you follow the link.

LWE Podcast 51: Matthew Styles

Patrice Scott is a producer riding the crest of a wave at the moment. His output is stellar and whether or not you appreciate his sound there is an obvious depth of sophistication present within his grooves. Here's a podcast he recently put together for Background Techno Experience. Great stuff.

Background Techno Experience: Patrice Scott

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