Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hot Flush

Title: The Let Down
Artist: George Fitzgerald
Label: Hot Flush
Cat Number: HFT012
Genre: Dubstep

A: The Let Down
AA: Weakness

Nice double-header from newcomer George Fitzgerald. 'The Let Down' is defined by a jerky kick over epic-sounding techno synth stabs. There's a warmth to the track which is down to the ambient washes that occasionally propel it into the realm of hands-in-the-air, here comes the sun euphoria. Vocals are chopped up over and over again in varying tones and pitches. 'Weakness' works on a slightly different harmonic range but occupies similar ground. Clever stuff, which is as much about what you hear as what you don't.

Title: Love Pressure EP
Artist: Sepalcure
Label: Hot Flush
Cat Number: HF025
Genre: Dubstep

A1: Love Pressure
A2: Down
B1: Every Day Of My Life
B2: The Warning

An exemplary synthesis of disparate vocals, organic techno and dub. 'Love Pressure' has a feeling of infinity, the atmosphere builds, spirals, disengages and returns. 'Down' is drenched in a superficial white noise over which retro-sounding synths blare producing a feeling of saturation. 'Every Day Of My Life' sounds like narcoleptic reggae twinned with somnambulistic deep house over which a range of basic tonal vocabulary spreads. 'The Warning' has a nice low-end and again, the living, breathing wooden blocks of 'Love Pressure' return, entwined with radio feedback.

All tracks are characterised by, amongst other things, an intelligent use of vocals and an ambience derived from electronic decay. Great release.

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