Sunday, October 04, 2009

Machines Are Funky: 3.10.09

Last night's show featured a guest spot from Johny Davies, aka Le Jockey, so here's what was played.

Seven (Seth Troxler remix) - Fever Ray (Rabid)
Shui (Rick Wade remix) - Christian Burkhardt (Deep Vibes)
I Know It Happened - Fuckpony (BPitch)
This Feeling - Ribn (Mild Pitch)
Morning - Jef K & Chris Carrier (Silver Network)
Don't You Feel House - La Pena (La Pena)
Bit The Shed - Josh Tweek (Magicbag)
The Right Time - Mark Henning (Hypercolour)
Krass Und Zick - Taron Trekka (Freude Am Tanzen)

Le Jockey Bits (Which incorporates chat)

Wonky K Track - Le Jockey (unsigned)
Jazzing My Nuts Off Somewhere - Le Jockey Meets Lion Club (Multivitamins)
Perfect Cadence - Le Jockey (Fullbar Digital)
Elephants Standing On Bells - Le Jockey (unsigned)

Bells (Mr G's "No Bells" mix) - Semtek (Don't Be Afraid)
Superman - Robert Hood (M Plant)
Discipline - Silent Servant (Sandwell District)
That Connection (Beanfield remix) - Fabrice Lig & Titonton Duvante (Fine Art)

Next show the 17.10, by which time I will be another year older.

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