Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Nights Playlist:

It's a lovely sunny Sunday in Suffolk. I've just had roast chicken with roast potatoes with mango, pineapple and kiwi fruit to polish it off. I'm sitting with a coffee surveying all that lies before me and wondering how much more complete my life could be at this moment. For some people nirvana could be reached by letting off a rather loud fart, for others throwing a rubber brick at the tv when the red-nosed Alex Ferguson comes into range. For me though, it's plotting world domination by blog. I am very lazy though. One thing at a time.

Here's last night's playlist while I'm in the mood.

God Of The Machine - Ricardo Jefferson (Third Ear)
Bounce To Me - Tolfrey & Ramirez (Phonica)
Swallowed Too Much Bass (KW's "Pop Dat Cat" remix) - Steve Bug feat Paris The Black Fu (Poker Flat)
Within You (Lerosa remix) - Mark O'Sullivan (Nice & Nasty)
Wipes - Markus Homm (Highgrade Digital)
I Lose My . . .- GummiHz feat Emena (Mobilee)
Bounce The Blues - John Shenanigans (Circus Company)
Grasshopper - Dub Dummies (Darek)
Words, Breaths & Pauses - Cheap & Deep Productions (Cheap & Deep)
No One Can Hear Your Echo In Space - Samulli Kemppi (Prologue)
Aesaunic - Scuba (Hotflush)
Black Sun - Greg Gow (Transmat)

Range - Robert Hood (M-Plant)
Fuse (Dixon remix) - The Machine (Innervisions)
Desert Storm - XDB (Metrolux)
Instant In You - Audion (Spectral Sound)
Intro Ducing - Mathias Kaden (Vakant)
Swedish Woman - Gestoten Cirkel (Murder Capital)

Next show comes up on Halloween with Frijsfo Beats' Dave Kelso, aka DJ Oslek at the controls.

Keep it locked.

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