Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jamie Jones Essential Mix

I almost forgot this one . . . it gets better with every listen. Dr Jones is, I think, at something of a crossroads, or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. In any case this wasn't what some people were expecting. Some subtle moments expertly executed throughout though. Keep it locked!

Jamie Jones Essential Mix: 3.10.09

1. Escape From New York – Fire in My Heart – Rollerball Records
2. Swayzak – Stronger Lover – Big City Beats
3. Osunlade – Pride (Starskee Dub Remix) – Set
4. Atlantic Conveyor – Nasty Things (Jamie Jones & Gadi Misrahi MIx) – Untracked
5. Tensake- Holdin Back (My Love) – Running Back
6. Carl Finlow – Reprise – (Jones Slick Mick Edit) – Seven Sign Recordings
7. Jamie Priciple – Cold World – Atlantic
8. Robert James – Connected – Hot Natured Records
9. Shirley Lites – Heat you Up (Melt you Down) – West End Records
10. DJ Ali & T Fuller – Show Me Right (Jones VoxNDub Edit) – Manali Records
11. Black Thumb – Substance (Resinous Dub) – Odori
12. Soiree – Zim Zim Zah Zha – Bear Funk
13. Aliexxei & Nig – I’m not Afraid (Melodic Mix) – expreZoo
14. 2 in a Room – Take Me Away (Jones Cut Me a Break Edit) – Rams Horn Records
15,. Anthea – Communicate (Jones Little Edit) – Hi-Bias Records
16. Bottin – No Static – Italians Do it Better
17. Who Made Who – The Plot (Discodene Mix) – Gomma
18. Wbeeza – Hurricane (Jones Little Edit) – Third Ear Recordings
19. Virgo – Do you Know Who you Are (Vocal Mix) – Radical Records
20. Son of Sound – Life under Bridges – TIRK
21. Kerrier District – Yesco – Rephlex
22. Jamie Jones – Paradise – White
23. Whitest Boy Alive – 1517 (Morgan Geist Remix) – Asound/Bubbles
24. Chris Carrier – I’m in Love Today – Silver Network
25. Evo – Din Don – Cultura & Musica
26. Hot Natured – Modern Amusment – Wolf & Lamb Black
27. Oby Onyiohya – Enjoy your Life – Time (Nigeria)
28. Aurra – Partience – Dream Records
29. Cameo – Candy – Mercury


Don Simon said...


Just wanted to point you in the direction of our new label out of Stockholm!

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Don Simon

Astor Bell

Pollux said...

Hi Don
Thanks for getting in touch. I already download your music and check your site. Keep up the good work.



Don Simon said...

Ok, sorry for harassing you then! :) You keep it too, some real gems to be found on this blog.

Just upped a new mix here btw:


Pollux said...

Thanks Don

D/loading now.


Anonymous said...

Robert James- Connected- Hot Natured Recordings

Really feeling this track, really nice groovy tune!

Anyone know of this DJ/Producer?