Friday, March 06, 2009

Miles Maeda

So there I was listening to the recently posted (on many and varied forums) Seth Troxler at Djoon, Paris 6.2.09. It's a good set, if not a little sloppily mixed at times, but full of good stuff and with a slightly warped feel. Anyway, my real reason for writing this is to say that I took my headphones off to answer my phone, put them back on a moment later, and chanced upon a reasonably similar vibe, but minus the sloppiness and with an altogether more balanced feel. In all honesty it was the smoothness of the mixing that first made me check out whether or not I was still listening to the same set, which of course I wasn't. I'd seamlessly glided into Miles Maeda (oooh missus!) and his wonderful "Sunday Mass" set, recorded on the 18.1.09. Those of you who think the Chicago/West Coast house hybrid had its day at the turn of the century, think again. This is the best mix of its kind I've heard for years. I recognised an instrumental of Derrick Carter's "Where You At", Moodymann's "I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits" and Mile's own "So Hot/The Song Formerly Known As . . " (I can't remember which one), and one or two others the names of which escape me.

Download Seth's mix here

and Miles' mix here

This is "the shizzle" as they say.


teleost said...

wow - big thanks for this miles maeda set...i hadn't heard of him before but now i'm very interested. the first part was nice if a little uneventful (good for working to, though) but after moodymann it's got really, really good. cheers.

Pollux said...

Cheers Teleost, glad you like . . .there are a few mixes around by Miles online, not least on his own website, but I have the feeling they're not very long.