Sunday, March 08, 2009

Last Night's Playlist . . .

. . .is here:

Tenebre (SSUK Edit) - Goblin (Arcobaleno)
S.T.R.Y.K.E.R. - Bront Industries Kapital (Get Physical)
India In lhr (Agnes remix) - Til von Sein (Channels)
We Got Es - George G vs Livio & Roby (Cecille Numbers)
Reel - Kapuchon & Benny Rodrigues (Be As One)
Can't Forget (Abe Duque remix) - Jay Haze (Tuning Spork)
Function - Max Cavalerra (Broque)
Yeah - Tiefschwarz (Souvenir)
What Canto Is It? (Kink remix) - Mike Monday vs Third Face (Classic Digital)
Cantona Kung Fu - Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba Colours)
Better Days - John Tejada (Pallette)
Keep On Groovin' - Matt Star (Hypercolour)
The Relic - Agore (Logos)
Salwasserliebe (Pawas remix) - Andre Kronert (Ostwind)
Is This Insanity - Martyn (3024)
Calling - Djebali (Freak n' Chic)
Shine - Peter Kruder (Gigolo)
Barcelona's Lover - Ilario Alicante (3120)
When The Sun Goes Down (Ain't No Sunshine remix) - Anthony Rother (Datapunk)

Back on the 21.3.09.

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