Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dem Bitz

I wish I had more time to write, but I don't. Anyway, when I do I'll try and feedback on some stuff I'm listening to . . .

Title: Prima Donna EP
Artist: Tom Demac
Label: Murmur
Cat Number:
Genre: Tech House

It Ends Lowe
Prima Donna
Prima Donna (Seuil remix)

Geddes' Murmur label is starting to show a little bit of diversification at last. The first clutch of releases had one or two moments amongst them, but that's about all. Although not literally from Mannheim, Murmur is definitely a fellow-traveller of Nick Curly's house-sound, and up to the Nima Gorji's 'The Gypsy Way' release, similarly bland. But again, 8-Bit, Cecille, etc, have all had their moments, it's just that when one tries to imagine a whole evening made up of this music then it gets a bit difficult. I know that's not the point but the point is that there's already a surplus of this sound so how is it all going to get played? This, Tom Demac's second release on the label improves on his first. 'It Ends Lower' is a sinister shuffle through nightmarish atmospherics and I like it for it's tempo and cod-sinister vocal. 'Prima Donna' has depth and a nice key change, while Seuil's remix picks things up a bit, highlighting the drums a bit more. As already mentioned, starting to show a bit more promise, but Gorji's EP remains the labels highlight thus far.

Title: Mood Support
Artist: Clan Destino
Label: Sonidos
Cat Number:
Genre: Deep House

Coast To Coast
Mood Support
Mood Support (Vera remix)

Sonidos is a new label to me but one that came highly recommended from those in the know at Hypercolour. 'Coast To Coast' is a sparse, moody piece that manages to be workmanlike and evocative simultaneously mainly thanks to some nice bongoes, a vocal stab and some other percussive elements that keep things bubbling along nicely. 'Mood Support' takes similar elements and tones them down. The vocal stabs are still present, as is the off-beat percussion. Vera's remix fills the void slightly with the addition of some keys that vibrate in a warm way. Workmanlike and evocative are the two adjectives that I think best sum up this release, with 'Coast To Coast' being my stand-out bit. Clan Destino are Daniel Petreski and Sebastian Schmitt.

Title: Polylot EP
Artist: Dmitry Karpov
Label: Minimood Extra
Cat Number: minimood extra 01
Genre: Tech House

Polylot (Daso remix)

Minimood's offshoot gets underway with Dmitry Karpov, an artist whose name reminds me of a generic Russian tennis player. Once that's out of the way 'Polylot', although well-produced does sound a little too pompous for its own good. Nothing much happens really. It's a plod through a relative desert of creativity. Daso's remix turns 'Polylot' into an uptempo chugger built for the dancefloor. Its sparse, sharp-edged sound a direct contrast to the original's inflated sense of self-importance. It's nothing special, but it's an improvement.

Title: Joking About Death EP
Artist: Remute
Label: Shooting Elvis
Cat Number: SE004
Genre: Techno

Joking About Death
Joking About Death (James Kronier remix)

Now this I like a lot. Remute's original has impeccable techno credentials, even if you've heard it all before. Tribal drums underpin sonic woofing while the hi-hats come in with some space noises. Life-affirming. You know the score, soon we'll be awash with cymbals while the foundations stand firm. James Kronier's remix is a much more abrasive affair, with discordant elements playing host to a filthy mess curated by nagging bleeps that strangely don't get on your tits too much. I like remixes that are different but not such an obvious departure that you're forced to say "see what he's done there" in mock ironic disgust. 'Zotvuu' is low-end house, reminiscent of Pan-Pot, and all the better for it. A strong package.

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