Monday, August 04, 2008

Our August Days

Some really random cuts here, but all good enough in their own respective ways.

Bar Talk - DJ Ghost ft Clarke (Shelter)

Fuzzy backdrop to spoken word Ursula Rucker -type business. Clarke on verse duties. Proper house music.

In The Day - DJ Ali (Leaf)

Ace driving, densely sample-laden piece of sophisticated acid. This got seriously slept on when released. Ripe for a revival.

Back In Circulation (?)

This is a white label that I picked up from a second-hand record shop just off Charing Cross Rd at the turn of the century. Sounds evocative ofdays gone by, and indeed it is, as that type of place doesn't really exist anymore. In any case, I thought it was by Joshua, in his Circulation guise, but I don't know. This track, one of four, certainly sounds like it could be him.

Respect The Cock - Phats & Small (Multiply)

A real party record, featuring an extended vocal sample of Tom Cruise from "Magnolia." This has been included because of the time I played it, by mistake, and it bought the house down at The Octopus, Stoke Newington. Ace throbbing tech-house with a cheesy grin.

Free Lovin' (Discocaine's It's The Club) - Morning Kids (Monkey Fruit)

Originally out on Daniel Wang's Balihu label, and here pepped up a bit by much-missed masters of dubby house Discocaine. A real shuffler.

Visions Of You (Rob Mello's No Ears Dub) - Trevor Rockliffe Feat. Blake Baxter (Intec)

Brilliant combination of Mello's peerless production and Baxter's sleazy vox. This one has everything and closed many of my sets "back in the day." Ace!

Take A Shot - DJ Hell & Richard Bartz (Kurbel)

Samples Phuture's "Your Only Friend." It's a deviously devilish loop made to oscillate between tracks and to be brought into sharper focus as the feeling takes you.

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