Monday, August 25, 2008


Carrying on with today's foodie theme, I'm now offering you a bit of Bouillabaisse, a classic mix (actually something I knocked up very spontaneously this afternoon).

Bouillabaisse Tracklist:

Slave One - Mark E (Running Back)
Idle Blues - Cassy (Cassy)
Rue Montmarte - David K (Supplement Facts)
Space - Brett Johnson (Cynosure)
The Workout - Quarion (Drumpoet Society)
Stloen From The Jake (Lee Holman remix) - Gary Beck (Fine Art)
Herlin - Seth Troxler & Gadi Mizrahi (Raum Music)
Wax 001
What Happened - Abe Duque & Blake Baxter (Abe Duque)
Seldom Felt 2
Kabuki (Pan-Pot remix) - Assem Sharma (High Grade)
Wireblock 2 B - Lory D (Wireblock)
Mr Dry = TG aka Tim Green (Trapez)
Eyes Wide Open - Radio Slave (R & S)
Payback 2 - DJ Jus Ed (Underground Quality)
Knowone Can Take Away The Many - Portable (Perlon)

As ever, contstructed at Castle Corey on two 1210 mk2s, two CDJ200s and an Allen & Heath XOne:32.

Download this veritable hotch potch of a mix here.

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