Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weather's Shit . . .

. . .so what else can I do but upload a few more choice cuts from the archives.

Casa - Jeff Mills (Axis)

From "The Purpose Maker" which spawned a label in itself, "Casa" is probably my favourite cut from four. This EP arguably started something completely new in techno, being composed of subtly sampled disco and tribal rhythms which are held together by a pounding beat. Primeval, yet totally modern.

Life (Derrick Carter Mix) - Blair (Promo)

Always great with a vocal. Derrick Carter puts his trademark boompty beats under a scatty, jazzy vocal for a great singalong track.

Baby Put My Mind At Ease - Automagic (Captivating)

A Mark Farina fave a few years back. Disco heaven.

Erotic Illusions (Decadent Dub) - Abacus (Fragile)

Austin Bascombe's second release, and put out on Transmat offshoot Fragile. Excellent deepness built on a foundation of tropical percussion.

Open Late - Steve O' Sullivan (Blue Trane)

I don't know if this is what the track's called. Anyway it's track A2 and it's a lovely dubby trancey little beast that teases the listener because it never really lets go. This is from the first release on O'Sullivan's Blue Trane imprint the influence of which, together with his work on Mosaic and Ferox, is still being felt today. Great stuff

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