Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Panspermia (Gk. πάς/πάν (pas/pan, all) σπέρμα (sperma, seed)) is the hypothesis that "seeds" of life exist already all over the Universe, that life on Earth may have originated through these "seeds", and that they may deliver or have delivered life to other habitable bodies.

So I finally got around to doing a mix on time. It's always under duress though. Grubs hanging around in their tattered egg cases upstairs ready to hatch and smaller offspring ready to burst in and show a healthy disrespect for my efforts at any moment means I must work fast. I'll have been over to Barcelona for Sonar (or, more truthfully, off-Sonar) before the next one goes up.

Panspermia Tracklist:

Foxy Lady - L'Homme Qui Valait 3 Milliards $ (Cassius)
We Said Nothing - Matthew Styles (Diamonds and Pearls)
Detroit Night - Kris Wadsworth (CDR)
Berlin Dub - Mixworks (Mixworks)
Lost Tracks of Detroit (?)
Motions (Sunrise dub) - Patrice Scott (Sistrum)
Visions - Dubshape (8-Bit)
Doom Deferred - Silent Servant (Sandwell District)
How Long Must I Continue (G's Freedom Train mix) - Mike Grant (Moods and Grooves)
Psychotic Phtosynthesis - Omar S (FXHE)
Equalized 1
Baccara - Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzzi (Highgrade)
M.A.M. (Marcel Dettmann remix) - Gowentgone (Vidab)
Louder Elvis - Lee van Dowski (Leena)
Space (Radio Slave remix) - Minilogue (Traum)
Give Myself to You (Grand Ballroom mix) - The Daou (Tribal)

These are all tracks that have been favourites of mine over the last couple of months and beyond. More next month. Download here.

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