Friday, May 02, 2008

The Circus is in Town this Weekend

Bloody hell, I must have been deaf when I mixed "Alimentary's Canal." I've had some good feedback for it but I'm sure it's down to some of the tunes on it rather than my mixing. The next one, and all subsequent offerings will be the bollocks. Meanwhile, here's what's happening this weekend in Cambridge.

The circus is in town this weekend with the Hacienda nostalgia roadshow. I made it there once and will be in attendance tomorrow night if only to see and hear Bez dj.

And on tomorrow's show . . .

To keep you company this Bank Holiday weekend, we've got plenty of fresh electronic offerings from the likes of D'julz, Mr G, Audion, Damian Schwartz, The Electric Press, Pan-Pot and Nick Holder.

All good stuff and much more besides. Keep it locked. Link on the side of this page. 105FM in Cambridge, 7-9pm BST.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

may be next time u could dig

the record u have from tweekin in SF
with a vox that says "baby, put my mind at ease"

come on

I know u have it !